I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (45)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

Country: USA

Director: Dennis Dugan

Probably the best intentioned film of the year, but it just falls into cliche and even offensive subjects. Adam Sandler, what a character, why does it feel like he has a movie out every month? But he's got charisma and that is shown at the box office. Credibility issues? Believe me, is the number one problem with the film. But let's ignore that, the execution of the film is so poor, the same old jokes, reminded me of the Mexican comedies during de 70s that would just make everyone fall or smash a cake and people would actually embrace that. The most touching aspect of the film is the way they are trying to help one of the kids, who seems to be gay, though it is never confirmed. I really loved how they managed to make those scenes so charming. Production wise, the film is boring, a step back for Sandler, visually... Jessica Beil is hot.

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