The Simpsons Movie (45)

The Simpsons Movie (2007)
Country: USA
Director: David Silverman
18 years in the making, and The Simpsons movie dissapoints like no other film this year. Is not as bad as I'm making it to be, but it is a very empty film, few laughs but overall very noisy. It's great to see they didn't ruin the visuals by making the cartoon 3-dimensional. I have seen both versions, with English audio and Spanish audio, the latino track is by far the most effective, the people behind this really took courage in changing a couple of things and relating it to our culture. Something impressing since The Simpsons are the 'idea' most people have of an American Family. For me, this is the best T.V. show ever, and after watching the film I felt that it was just another episoide but extended. It tries too hard to look profound, it goes from questioning religion and faith and even touches the current environmental problems lol. I guess I miss the lighter touch of the series, meant only to entertain or at least give a message in a pure and naturalistic way. I would suggest you to go watch the SOUTH PARK movie, that one is actually terrific!

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    que edad tienes? casado? busco novio jajajaja....

    un saludo!


    Totalmente en desacuedo. Esta peli es una maravilla, la única del verano que no decepcionó y que me hizo reír hasta decir basta!

    Un abrazo,


    a mi tambien me gusto... le encontre muchos problemas pero en general es buena



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