Jesse James, Hermafrodite, Brothers and Diego


Ugh! only 2 more days at the festival... and then, I will have to go back to Mexico City, but hey I'll come back later to visit my family, but I will miss the festival. Once again, sorry for the lack of content, but not having a computer around me is difficult, especially if I'm watching at least 4 films every day. By the way the press pass is nice, but I must confess I like the public viewings much more, it's a different mood, some critics here are so dumb, and just keep talking during the movies!!!!! WTF!!!!

In the second post I wrote about the festival, I mentioned that somebody had stolen my Gael Garcia Bernal autograph, guess what? I got another one, how lucky am I. This time it went straight into my wallet, it would be impossible for me not to feel a girl searching for it right? Although I've lost my wallet twice in Mexico City... I guess some robbers are magicians or something. Make sure to visit Cine Azteca to see another entry, probably tomorrow since I'll send Carlos my vol. 3 at midnight, but I've seen these films in the last 2 days:
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (82)
  • Meduzot (87)
  • XXY (75)
  • The Darjeeling Limited (43)
  • A Portrait of Diego (58)

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    recibi tu email, prefiero publicarlo hoy mas tarde, para darle tiempo a la entrevista de Riveroll con Reygadas

    un saludo!!!


    scooby dooby doo

    where r u?


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