Ladrones Viejos (77), Blue Eyelids (75), Moliere (67)

and even more...

Ladrones Viejos, Las Leyendas del Artegio
(Gonzalez) 77
Parpados Azules/Blue Eyelids (Contreras) 75
Moliere (Tirard) 67

It's been 3 days of very good films, the clear standout is Reygadas who just seems so distant in quality to his fellow great directors. Yesterday I watched 3 films, the first one was on my list of Most Anticipated, it is called "Ladrones Viejos, Las Leyendas del Artegio", and it doesn't dissapoint. Gonzalez's second feature is so entertaining, this director has style, better than his debut film "Pulque's Song."

Blue Eyelids has been praised by many people, and it is a very well put together film. I found it  a little over the top in the visual substance. But the story is very funny, and quite intimidating, some people will not feel comfortable siting through such a film, could be viewed as depressing, but it really is a magnetic piece of filmaking, flawed, but is sustained by a great scrip and performances, Contreras is one talented guy nontheless.

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    para ayudarte te respondo en ingles...

    I want to be there! Morelia! wait for me next year... Gonzalez is a talented guy it is great to see the raves...


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