Bobby (25)

Bobby (2006)
Country: United States
Director: Emilio Estevez

Some critics for some reason compared Bobby to Babel last year. And even though I find both of them very superficial and mediocre, at least Babel had amazing performances like Rinko Kikuchi and Adriana Barraza, a career-best work from Rodrigo Prieto, and splendid sound mixing. Bobby is not only melodramatic, it had a fantastic cast and seems like Emilio Estevez did everything he could to make
them bad actors. Besides, from the dozens of actors, I would highlight Freddi Rodriguez and Sharon Stone. It really is a shame that the movie didn't work, I was drooling to see it despite knowing how it was received in the U.S. Some other highlights of the film were the costume design
and perhaps Lindsay Lohan?, yeah, I finally saw a different side of her acting, which isn't bad at all.

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