Mr. Bean's Holiday (45)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)
Country: England
Director: Steve Bendelack

First, I must confess I've never liked this character, I find him so irritant and so over the top. I decided to give this film a chance since some of my friends for some reason actually thought the film was smart? And, it really isn't Mr. Bean isn't smart, but that has never really been a problem with my dislike of the series. This movie is nothing but the same typical comedy intended to get descent amount of box office. I should say though, it really has a colorful and striking cinematography. And the music is also very well put together. At the end the film is flawed in every single way, the performances become as dull as it can get. The final scene is a disaster.
Was the director trying to to make a homage to "The 8th Hour" ?

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