Hairspray (60)

Hairspray (2007)
Country: United States
Director: Adam Shankman

A stylish, colorful, and soundy production. Unfortunately, it takes itself too seriously, nevertheless it's got enough energy and the accurate music to make it a descent film. No doubt, it was a big step and a huge surprise from Director Adam Shankman, yes, the director of The Pacifier. Nikki Flonsky is a revelation, but I hope her over-the-top charms don't continue to follow her acting career. John Travolta, I found myself questioning if casting him casting him was a joke, but I gotta say it was a descent performance. The screenplay is very unconcistant, as well as the art direction, I didn't get the feeling we were transported into the 1960s. Hairspray sparkles too much, just as Dreamgirls did last year, none of these two musicals have the heart or entertainment qualities of the best musical of the decade so far, Chicago. This is the kind of film the entertainment show bizz drools for, I wouldn't be surprise if this ends up geting some oscar nominations in the techs, and probably a golden globe nom for Best Picture Comedy/Musical.

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