Broken Sky (80)

Broken Sky (2006)
Country: Mexico
Director: Julian Hernandez

An affecting minimalist film, almost silent. I wasn't impressed with his debut film as everyone seemed to be, I found it pretentious and manipulative. My expectations for this film were very low, but I decided to give it a chance since it was playing at the Morelia film festival. Immediately Hernandez introduces his audience to his own personal world. One that is full of provocative thoughts, and most importantly Hernandez reflects that awful reality of loneliness. There is that deep fight between the three characters and the music is perfectly presented to us. At moments Broken Sky seems to be a very long ballad. As great as the film was, it was too long. I would've cut at least 20 minutes of the film. Techs are near perfect, except for the rude editing. The cinematography and music are the standouts of the film, performances are fine. 

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