Knocked Up (65)

Knocked Up (2007)
Country: USA
Director: Judd Apatow

I had been waiting for a this kind of comedy all year long, and even though I find it very irregular, it is the first comedy that I have liked this year. I was begining to think I was in somekind of depression, and turns out that I just had to wait for a film that was smart and touching, oh and yeah, funny. The editing of the film was horrible, but the performances and the screenplay do more than justice. This is the kind of comedy Hollywood should continue doing. The film tries too hard to embrace so many things abroad, and at the end it begins to weight a lot, that's probably the biggest problem of the film. But hey, it still is the best comedy of the year so far, I just have to say that it is very hard for a film to make me laugh, well, I laughed a lot this year watching the mexican film Cuando Las Cosas Suceden (When Things Happen), truly the worst film of the year, in a surprisingly descent year for Mexican cinema. 

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