The Violin (90)

The Violin (2006)
Country: Mexico
Director: Francisco Vargas

As I was organizing my list of the film I've seen so far this year, I started to choose the film I would love to write about. And no other film came to my mind, but "The Violin." A beautifully lensed pic that has been the most awarded Mexican feature since Amores Perros. At first, I was reluctant to see it, I have declared myself anti-mexican movie goer. A very arrogant action from my part, but in those moments the film industry of my country was depressing, mediocre, there was no light at all. People started talking about Babel, and I hate it, later on came Pan's Labyrinth, and I loved it, I came to the conclusion that maybe Mexico does in fact produce quality films, but where should I look for them. Later on, people starting talking about this film, about the actor, everyone raved it, but I wasn't excited about it, the plot seemed so minimal. When I walked out of the theatre I finally knew what all the fuss was about, it truly is one of the best contemporary films from Latin America. It is so gentle and sublime, I seriously doubt any other Mexican film will be able to capture so much beauty and reality than what Francisco Vargas has accomplished. Angel Tavira is brilliant, an iconic performance for the ages. The best film I've seen so far, wait, not really, Inland Empire is the best film of the year, no doubt about it, in fact, it Lynch's film is probably one of the best films in years.

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