The Bourne Ultimatum (70)

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
Country: United States
Director: Paul Greengrass

A stimulating thriller that will satisfy any fanboy of action flicks. I found this film to be as powerful in content as Scorsese's The Departed. You're probably wondering, why the low grade?, It is simple, is there any reason why Paul Greengrass is making us suffer with that hideous and horrible looking hand-camera work? Seriously, I'm not against these type of cinematography, but Greengrass uses it so excessively I got a headche. I began to wonder if Greengrass has the creativy to innovate, I mean, I know his trying to do so. All of his films look the same, not only the camera work, but also the editing and sound mixing. Matt Damon, he's an interesting actor, and shines on screen when doing action films, but I've always had a problem watching him. He never transmits anything through his eyes. At the end, The Bourne Ultimatum is successful, but also exhausting. I thought this was better than his oscar-nominated film United 93.

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    Arriba la Sangre Iluminada. Abajo Bourne.



    Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo, Matt Damon "never transmits anything through his eyes".
    Me gustó tu blog. Felicidades


    muchas gracias por la visita!, tienes un excelente blog.

    entonces vives en Morelia? o el D.F.?

    te mande un email, ojala y me respondas pronto.



    Es la primera vez que visito tu blog. Me gustaron tus posts, breves y claros.


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