Dos Abrazos (75)

Dos Abrazos (2007)
Country: Mexico
Director: Enrique Begne

A tender and sweet effort by breakthrough director Enrique Begne. Graduated from CCC (Mexico's best film school), he is a very promising helmer. Even though the film is not innovative at all and we get the feeling we've been there already, it is refreshing to see an ensemble piece is so carefully crafted that it never falls into mediocre interlocking stories, something so typical by Mexican filmmakers nowadays. The film consists of 2 pieces, and they are not related at all physically, only spiritually. Techs are fine, the music is probably the highlight of the film, performances wise goes from good (Maya Zapata, Giovanni Florido) to great (Ximena Sarinana) to exemplary (Jorge Zarate). The film won best first feature at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

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